Oct 112012

Optimal was on the road recently, delivering two events with our eAcademy Events system. The system comprises our standard eAcademy package with a custom-built web player.

Optimal were at The Mere Golf Resort with International Sports Management, showcasing our system to some VIP guests. The following week, we attended the De Vere Charity Golf Day at Oulton Hall Leeds.

At both events, we designed and built custom email notifications and video players to the event organiser’s specifications. Swings were captured during both days and then analysed by PGA professionals, providing each event guest with a detailed analysis of their swing and how they can improve their technique in the future.

From an event organisers point of view, the draw of a swing analysis from a PGA professional enables them to create a number of additional opportunities to display branding and promotional material to their guests. This can be in the form of pre/post-roll video adverts, links and/or images on the site.
Along with the promotional opportunities, in the months following an event, organisers can send further promotional material alongside items such as a Pro’s tips.

In essence, the eAcademy Events system allows an event organizer to capture all of the guests’ key information to ensure that the event’s message is viewed by the guest on more than one occasion. This is driven by guests’ interest in, and desire to improve, their golf swing.

Click the example of an event email below to see how an event attendee views their analysed swing, company branding and video adverts:


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Feb 112012

It’s a Saturday night, the golf is on the TV and I’m packing my bags ready for my trip with the EGU.  I’ll be spending the week with the East Midlands and Thames Valley squads at the Boavista Golf Resort, Portugal.  I’ll be capturing both high-speed video footage and detailed ball flight data of the golfers.  This will be used as a benchmark so both the golfers and the EGU are able to track progress throughout the season.

All the data will be uploaded to the EGU’s eAcademy site, Mark Bull will also be in attendance with his 3D Biomechanics equipment adding his reports onto the EGU’s eAcademy.  This allows both the golfer and coach to quickly and simply review all game improvement content.

I’ll also be spending some time with Graeme Leslie from Golf Data Labs.  I was introduced to GDL through my work at Optimal Analysis, GDL are the leaders in tracking accurate scoring and performance data.  This data is of a tour-quality standard, enabling you to identify strengths and weaknesses in your game.  By identifying your weaknesses, you can ensure that you focus your practice time accordingly.  Identifying your strengths means that when you are playing on the course you can play to them and score as well as possible.

I’m looking forward to the trip and I’m taking my clubs out as I’m hoping to get a round or two in with my new Nippon shafts.  They feel great on the range and I’m pleased with the ball flight so can’t wait to test them out.

Below are some of my stats from the last 5 rounds.  All the long game practice is paying off with 70% fairways and greens.  But on the downside, my scrambling and putting stats are not nearly as good as they were throughout last year so when the snow melts in the Lake District it will be out to the short game area for me!


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Oct 262011

Optimal Analysis are pleased to announce that Bishopbriggs Golf Range are the latest high-profile establishment to join the eAcademy family. Located just north of Glasgow and offering a range of services, from tuition through to club repairs, the team of 5 PGA professionals at Bishopbriggs Golf Range are fully equipped to meet all your golfing needs.

Bishopsbriggs Groupon Offer

Bishopsbriggs Groupon Offer

Led by teaching professionals, Iain Pender and Campbell Donaldson, Bishopbriggs employed a modern approach to promoting the arrival of eAcademy, running an exclusive offer on the popular ‘Deal of the Day’ website, Groupon. The offer combined a standard lesson with one of the Bishopbriggs pros and then a detailed online lesson analysis, delivered using eAcademy technology, all with a huge Groupon discount. The offer certainly had the desired effect as an amazing 317 individuals signed up!

The eAcademy software and web platform employed at Bishopbriggs allows teaching professionals to capture a customer’s swing, perform detailed analysis and then produce an individual lesson summary, complete with audio commentary. This lesson summary is then uploaded to the organisation’s fully branded, online platform and at the same time, emailed directly to the customer who can view their lesson summary instantly on computer, tablet or smartphone. Furthermore, the customer is able to sign in to the eAcademy at any time, to review their lesson summaries or any specific teaching content their coach has assigned to them, such as short game tips and putting drills. Finally, they can book their next lesson through our brand-new booking calendar, fully integrated with PayPal, or even upload their swing for an online lesson.

Please watch the video below to learn more about how this system works.


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Sep 152011

Are you a Registered Assistant looking to become an established golf coach and would like some help to get your business off the ground?

At Optimal Analysis, we understand your problems and have created a unique price structure for our eAcademy package, designed to support you whilst you are building your client base and establishing yourself.

Registered Assistants will be able to use the eAcademy integrated solution absolutely free for 6 months.

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