Mar 282013

We are pleased to announce that Dartfish have released the eighth update to version 6.

This update offers a number of improvements and bug fixes as part of Dartfish’s continuing commitment to offer the most versatile and reliable software possible. To get the version 6 update, launch Dartfish 6 on a computer where there is an internet connection and press ‘Help’ > ‘Check for Updates’, then you can update it to the latest version (v 6.0.20327.0) immediately.  As Dartfish 6 checks for updates once per week automatically, you may have already received an invite to update your software.

Dartfish Update Screen Shot

There have been great improvements from previous versions, including greater video compatibility, additional live capture options from IP and USB cameras, improved Tagging and a new TeamPro Data version that integrates a data reader so you can import data and display from GPS, Heart Rate, Force Plate and other devices.

If you are not running Dartfish version 6, please contact us for an update quote.

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Mar 122013


With the advent of mobile apps, a lot of Dartfish users are finding new ways to capture great video.  Dartfish Classroom/Connect is an excellent way for students and teachers to turn that video into video-based coursework and resources.  With a channel, Mediabooks can be presented online with key positions, drawings, voice-overs and comparisons included, you can even print a hard copy for coursework folders or worksheets.

You can take a look at some user-created education Mediabooks by following the links below: Assessment


Outdoor/Adventure Activities


Modern Languages

Health and Well Being

Teacher/Lesson Observation

Instructions on how to make a Mediabook in Dartfish Software:

1. Open Dartfish.

2. Go to the Analyser

3. Place video(s) to be analysed in the Storyboard.

4. Select the Key Positions tab.

5. Move the video to the point at which you want to give feedback and pause.

6. Click the green add symbol at the far right of the Key Positions.

7. Give a label, description and add drawings these only go on this still image.

8. Repeat steps 5/6/7 until entire video is analysed.

9. Go to Storyboard tab.

10 Select the Mediabook publish option at the far right of the Storyboard.

11. Follow onscreen instruction to publish.

For more information on Dartfish Classroom, training or any other product, feel free to contact Optimal.

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Mar 082013


Dartfish users, The Running School, are hosting a live webinar on Monday, March 11, 2013 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM GMT. The seminar will be led by Mike Antoniades, Performance Director and founder of The Running School. As a running-specific, strength and conditioning coach, Mike recognised long before it was fashionable, that runners can and should seek to run efficiently. The Running School is borne out of his many years of experience.

Taking on the challenge of the marathon can be a daunting task. Dedication, planning, sacrifice and a lot of mental strength are all required, as well as some good old hard graft.

But along side these, argues Mike Antoniades, you should be planning how to avoid injury.
How? The Running School invites you to a free online seminar where he answers this.

This is a ‘live’ event which you can attend from the comfort of your living room. It is open to runners of all abilities and is a friendly environment for learning and open discussion – feel free to ask as many questions as you like. We will endeavor to answer as many as time allows.

Sign up for this webinar is now closed.


About The Running School

They offer several services

  • To help you stay injury free
  • To improve your running technique
  • To increase your speed, whatever your sport

At the heart of what they do is functional movement. The ability of the body to move efficiently is central to being able to perform at your best and stay injury free. Running is a skill and most people have not been taught how to run.

The process begins with a biomechanical analysis in which they will take video clips of your running using Dartfish to identify areas that can be improved within your running, to reduce the risk of injury or improve your performance (or both). At this session they will also carry out a Running School Movement Screen to look at any weaknesses that could be preventing you from getting the most out of your running and with you, identify your goals.  After the session, they use to share your analysis, allowing you to view it via their secure, branded channel.

For more information about using Dartfish for strength and conditioning, podiatry and shoe fitting, feel free to contact Optimal.

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Oct 252012

Following their recent success at the Olympics, Dartfish, the leading video analysis solution, is keen to develop the skills and enhance the employment opportunities of students. As a result, selected Universities will soon be delivering a Dartfish Student Video Analyst Certification Course.

The course is designed develop students’ understanding and knowledge of a professional analysis process, realising the scope of what can be achieved with the Dartfish suite of products. The course will comprise 4 modules delivered by a Dartfish Certified Instructor, it will encompass video recording and management, technical and skill analysis, tagging and match analysis and finally,, publishing and Dartfish mobile apps. Providing a mixture of workshops, assessment tasks and a final report will ensure that students achieve the skill level required to provide video analysis across a varied range of elite performance sports.

Dartfish will endeavour to use it’s own customer base to play the role of clients to whom an analysis proposal and report will be submitted. Alternatively, students can use their own contacts to fulfil the same role, e.g. if the student is already active within a team or organisation. A well-written report will not only earn the student certification but should also be a useful demonstration of knowledge to employers.

Student fee

£109 per student, including course material, one year student license of Dartfish Connect Plus 6.0, one year subscription of a channel.

This represents significant value to the course participant with the regular cost to a student of over £500.

Teaching cost

£250 / half day + travel cost

The invaluable certification course is one of the ways that Dartfish aim to produce expert video analysts of the future and develop the skills of elite athletes in sport.   For further information regarding this unique opportunity from Dartfish or any of our other products, please contact Optimal Analysis, the UK partner for Dartfish.

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Oct 112012

Optimal was on the road recently, delivering two events with our eAcademy Events system. The system comprises our standard eAcademy package with a custom-built web player.

Optimal were at The Mere Golf Resort with International Sports Management, showcasing our system to some VIP guests. The following week, we attended the De Vere Charity Golf Day at Oulton Hall Leeds.

At both events, we designed and built custom email notifications and video players to the event organiser’s specifications. Swings were captured during both days and then analysed by PGA professionals, providing each event guest with a detailed analysis of their swing and how they can improve their technique in the future.

From an event organisers point of view, the draw of a swing analysis from a PGA professional enables them to create a number of additional opportunities to display branding and promotional material to their guests. This can be in the form of pre/post-roll video adverts, links and/or images on the site.
Along with the promotional opportunities, in the months following an event, organisers can send further promotional material alongside items such as a Pro’s tips.

In essence, the eAcademy Events system allows an event organizer to capture all of the guests’ key information to ensure that the event’s message is viewed by the guest on more than one occasion. This is driven by guests’ interest in, and desire to improve, their golf swing.

Click the example of an event email below to see how an event attendee views their analysed swing, company branding and video adverts:


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