Nov 222013

We are enormously proud to feature among a select group of apps that Apple is using to promote the amazing things that can be achieved with their iPad.

Last month a new promo video Life on iPad was released and, as I reported then, the Dartfish segment featured US speed skater Bridie Farrell. Today, Apple responded to the demands to learn more about the featured apps by publishing the back stories of the real people using them. I need say no more here — Bridie’s story is presented in typically elegant Apple style on their website.

“Without question, Dartfish Express on iPad has accelerated my comeback to competitive skating”

Believe us, we are more than glad to be of service Bridie! We are hoping your Dartfish Express on iPad story will continue beyond the US trials on the 27th December and onward to Sochi 2014.

Bridie Farrell's "Life on iPad featured by Apple – A duffel bag full of videos replaced by an iPad

Learn more about Dartfish Express

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