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With the advent of mobile apps, a lot of Dartfish users are finding new ways to capture great video.  Dartfish Classroom/Connect is an excellent way for students and teachers to turn that video into video-based coursework and resources.  With a channel, Mediabooks can be presented online with key positions, drawings, voice-overs and comparisons included, you can even print a hard copy for coursework folders or worksheets.

You can take a look at some user-created education Mediabooks by following the links below: Assessment


Outdoor/Adventure Activities


Modern Languages

Health and Well Being

Teacher/Lesson Observation

Instructions on how to make a Mediabook in Dartfish Software:

1. Open Dartfish.

2. Go to the Analyser

3. Place video(s) to be analysed in the Storyboard.

4. Select the Key Positions tab.

5. Move the video to the point at which you want to give feedback and pause.

6. Click the green add symbol at the far right of the Key Positions.

7. Give a label, description and add drawings these only go on this still image.

8. Repeat steps 5/6/7 until entire video is analysed.

9. Go to Storyboard tab.

10 Select the Mediabook publish option at the far right of the Storyboard.

11. Follow onscreen instruction to publish.

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