Oct 302012

On Friday 25th October, Dartfish released their first video analysis mobile application. Dartfish Express has been designed to offer simple analysis tools, while integrating with the existing family of video analysis and sharing products.

Dartfish Express will help coaches and teachers apply their knowledge to the video, giving instant on-the-spot feedback or sharing it via dartfish.tv. Several popular features have been carried over from the ever-popular full software:

  • All-in-one recording : Record high definition video using your iPhone or iPad’s built-in camera, then replay quickly and simply with a screen swipe.
  • Powerful playback controls : Scrolling through your video has never been easier. Have fun with the jog wheel to move frame-by-frame or for fast searching, or play in slow motion.
  • Take still shots : Focus your discussions on key moments by taking still shots of your videos and annotate them.
  • Add Key Positions : Show people what to look for! Add drawings to highlight what the video reveals, underlined with written comments.
  • Watch full-screen : No busy interface, just pure emotion! Play your videos or review your still shots in full screen.
  • Share via dartfish.tv : Dartfish.tv is a unique private video sharing platform. Video enriched with your notes, still shots and drawings, become a resource that can be referenced time after time by a carefully selected audience. Share your published videos with team members, clients, fans, and friends via social media, email or text message.


For more advanced analysis and networked versions of Dartfish, the full software is still available and better than ever, it works with an extensive range of cameras and video formats, integrates with data collection devices and offers an in-depth match analysis module.

You can download Dartfish Express from the App Store:  https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/dartfish-express/id563892532?mt=8

For more information about Dartfish or any of our other performance analysis products, please contact Optimal.

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  2 Responses to “Dartfish Express Mobile App”

  1. How does someone get this app for a Samsung or Andrroid device

  2. Thanks for visiting. At this moment, Dartfish Express is only available for iOS devices.

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